• Dancing for dummies 30 april
    lördag, april 30, 2016
    11:00 - 15:00
  • Playfulness 1 maj
    söndag, maj 1, 2016
    11:00 - 15:00

Vi välkomnar Laura Doorneweerd från Holland till oss som gästpedagog helgen 30 april – 1 maj!

På lördagen erbjuder vi hennes workshop Dancing for dummies, och på söndagen Playfullness. Alla workshops är på engelska.

dancing for dummieslauraplay


In this workshop Laura will use her background as an improv and dance teacher to teach you how to bluff your way in ballet. Or in hiphop, Bollywood, country, disco, tango and many more styles.

You will learn the most important tricks and steps to make it look like you are a dancer. The audience can shout out any style in music or dance: you will know what to do. And what games you can play using your moves.

Laura taught this workshop since 2009 to many Dutch, German, Swiss, Portuguese and Finnish improv groups and it is the most fun you will have in using your body on stage. Stiff as a board? No sense for rhythm? Perfect, then book this workshop now!

Denna workshop kräver ingen förkunskap.

När: 30 april

Plats: Våra kurslokaler bredvid Redbergsteatern

Tid: 11-15 ( ingen lunch)

Pris: 700


The improvisation skills of both beginning and very advanced players can benefit tremendously from a high dose of playfulness.

It makes a bad scene comfortable and a good scene wonderful. And it can only happen together. So working on playfulness will strengthen your people skills and group feeling.

In this workshop I will work on finding the spark in yourself, in your character and in the scene. Is there a game in this scene? Can you find it? Do you want to? It takes some practice. And some fun, light and die-hard playing.

Denna workshop är för dig som gått steg 2 hos oss och uppåt.

När: 1 maj

Plats: Våra kurslokaler bredvid Redbergsteatern

Tid: 11-15 ( ingen lunch)

Pris: 700

Laura Doorneweerd is an Amsterdam-based trainer and performer, who works in the fields of improvisation, theatre, and dance. She is part of 3 Dutch improvisation groups performing in the areas of theatresport, longform, and impro for children. She also is a founding member of the Ohana project.

Laura has been teaching for 12 years, including 7 years in her own theatre school. Furthermore she has been organizing courses and school projects in theatre, circus, dance, and movement. Currently she works as an independent trainer and performer in The Netherlands and Europe. Also, her last name is a castle. True story.

Max 14 deltagare per kurs, Anmälan är bindande, och du måste vara minst 18 år.

Har ni frågor om kursen eller problem med bokningssidan? Hör av er till oss på info@gbgimpro.se så hjälper vi dig!

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