• Shawn Kinley 28 oktober
    lördag, oktober 28, 2017
    10:00 - 17:00

We are very happy to welcome Shawn Kinley back to our theater and invite you to join in this playful workshop!

Workshop description:
Wolves learn to hunt by playing. Apes learn their social structure through playful status interaction. Human children take risks and learn languages, and technical skills faster than most adults because they are not glued to the rules. If we allow ourselves to break the rules we get to our own unique way of learning, and creating. Why then are most improvisers so intent on “getting” and sticking to the rules?

Over the past three decades Shawn has been asked to teach in 43 countries. Memorable visits include Universities in Oxford and Cambridge, a roofless building in Peru, the National Theatre of Iceland, the Opera of Norway, a favela in Brazil, palaces in Germany, and circuses in Poland and Colombia. Now he is coming to Göteborg!

Take the opportunity to learn from one of our absolute favorite teachers!

The workshop will be in english, an you have to have completed Bas A.

När: 28 oktober

Tid: 10-17

Plats: Redbergsteatern

Antal träffar: 1

Pris: 990 kr

Max 16 deltagare per kurs, anmälan är bindande

Betala helst med kort!

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Örngatan 6, Göteborg, 416 67, Sverige


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