• Burn your fear!
    tisdag, maj 1, 2018
    05:00 - 21:00

We welcome Philip Markle to Gbgimpro and his wonderful workshop Burn your Fear!

This class aims to light your improvisation on fire. It will help remind you what you love about improv, slap you out of whatever fear is holding you back, and cut out the naysaying voices in your head that cloud your inspiration. We will look at how we sometimes censor or bail on our choices out of a need to make the right choice” when improvising. Instead, let’s agree that there is no right or wrong choice, only a weak or strong one, and see what happens when we give ourselves the freedom to simply trust and commit to whatever comes up. We will marry a sense of playful abandonment with actionable techniques to start scenes boldly, heighten them via specific and surprising choices, and employ context (who, what, where, when, why, etc.) without getting in our heads about it. This class will move quickly, keep you on your feet, and challenge you with personal feedback.

Let’s bring the whimsy to your make-em-ups!

You have to have completed Bas A to sign up for this class. The workshop will be in english

Philip has taught improv and acting internationally for over 16 years, from Berlin to Bali. Philip graduated from Northwestern University and trained in Chicago at The Annoyance, iO, and Second City. He moved to NYC in 2013 to launch the theatre and training center of The Annoyance Theater NY, where he acted as its Executive Director until Fall 2016. He is now the Founder and Artistic Director of The Brooklyn Comedy Collective, where he currently teaches and performs. Philip is also a faculty member at Tom Todoroff’s acting studio and independantly teaches business improvisation classes to large clients (such as AMEX, E&Y) and small start-ups alike. He has performed and produced hundreds of shows worldwide. Highlights include musically improvising with Baby Wants Candy in Chicago and BLANK: The Musical Off-Broadway in NY and his national-touring musical improv show Happy Karaoke Fun Time. As a storyteller, he has performed at The Moth and The Paper Machete. He is a proud member of the children’s education theatre companies The Story Pirates and Barrel of Monkeys. He executive produced, wrote, and acted in the digital shorts series “The Annoyance Presents” on IFC’s Comedy Crib. Philip has written a one-man show, Sparkle Hour, which was featured to rave reviews in the 2013 NY International Fringe Festival. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @philipsparkle. He is represented commercially in NY by Stewart Talent. https://philipmarkle.com/


Date: 1 maj

Time: 17:00-21:00

Location: Redbergsteatern

Number of classes: 1

Price:800 kr 

Registration is binding. Read the terms here: https://www.gbgimpro.se/villkor-for-kurser/
If possible, please pay by card.

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Arranged in cooperation with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan


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